• United States History

    Important things to remember...

    Due dates for all assignments and tests are posted on the front white board a minimum of one week before they are due.

    Study a little bit every day. Do not try to cram for a test.

    No Assignments will be accepted after the unit test.

    Use the library! They love to help and they have lots and lots of great stuff to complete the assignments. The library is open before school, after school and during lunch.

    Do not plagiarize. You need to make sure your work is your work. Not a copy of another authors work.

    Best time to see me is before school. I am usually here by 7:30 am.

    Keep up with the vocabulary. It is the key to the test and the class. Try to make mental links of how words and events, people and places fit together. Study your vocabulary a little bit every day.

  • Advanced Geography

    Important things to remember...

    TODALSS System

    T- Title

    O- Orientation (North, South, East and West)

    D- Date

    A- Author (you) Remember full first and last name

    L- Legend

    S- Scale

    S- Symbols