• Once upon a time....

    Once upon a time a group of highly trained mental health professional came to the Bagley Elementary School.  These professionals started a conversation about what it takes to help students (adults too) become highly successful.  We (the staff) heard that everyone thrives when expectations and targeted behaviors are clearly identified  From these conversations, the SOARR behavior matrix (see below, hint: it has an eagle on it) was created.  The goals of this matrix are to identify behavioral goals for students, which creates greater opportunities to be successful.  


    SOARR stands for Safe, Optimistic, Achiever, Respectful, and Responsible.  The Bagley Elementary School Staff identified these qualities as characteristics that promote students to be successful in the school, in the community, and in the world.  The SOARR Matrix is branded with a soaring eagle to symbolize the success of our students.   Get it…. SOARR and eagles soar.  

    What can you do?  Read through the matrix.  Think about the many ways students can be highly successful.  Talk about the targets (behaviors).  Help and guide students to reach for the targets.  And, help students SOARR.

5th Grade Puppet Project

Flyers S.O.A.R.R

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